“Before the spiral I found it challenging to articulate and express my deeper emotions and experiences. I realised this was due to fear of being judged and rejected. Now I can get out of my mind and communicate from my heart more easily. This has given me the confidence to share from a place of vulnerability. The spiral thrusted me through a deep awakening, and it feels like a huge layer of false identities has been stripped away.  I now have more clarity on who I am, my truths and what I want to share with the world.
Arcadia is a very intuitive facilitator. She knew when to be sensitive and gentle with me, and when to push me to go deeper or call me out on my bullshit. Without Arcadia’s delivery, intuition and ability to hold such safe and sacred space, I doubt I would have had the deep realisations or gone through the life changing transformations I went through.”
– Sara Allen

“Before I started Spiral I was challenged/lost/not clear/not certain. I did not have a clear path with what I wanted to do in life. The Spiral helped me understand a lot about myself and why I was the way I was. It was amazing to remove these blocks and actually feel the difference. I now feel a deeper connection with myself and being ok if things aren’t going my way. My mental health has improved a lot over the journey as well. Getting these results showed me that the journey was worth it and meant to be. The most profound change has been getting into a happier headspace, no matter what is happening in life, good or bad. Before going through The Spiral, I had no fears or expectations. I just felt drawn to the spiral and working with Arcadia. Arcadia is an amazing practitioner who’s own journey has inspired me in so many ways, I don’t even have words. She is so connected to the energies when she works, it’s just beautiful.”
– Jen Cresp

“Awesome empowering journey through The Spiral! Gratitude to Arcadia in facilitating such a professional and nurturing adventure together. This experience handled (long term) many baggages and inspirations that was holding me back. Life is a much more exciting adventure having done this training. Full power, Excited for the next moment!”
– Happy Spiral Client

“I am SO grateful for Arcadia and her shiatsu magic. I came to see her with some big stuff I needed to process through my body and she supported me through the whole experience as I did what I needed to do and I came out the other end sparkling clean. I felt very safe in Arcadia’s knowledge and know-how. Her combination of shiatsu, clearing and visualisation is beautiful and powerful and facilitates shifts on the physical, emotional and mental level. She is so plugged in!!! I LOVE YOU ARCADIA – THANK YOU FOR YOUR MAGIC xxxxx”
– Chloe Prendergast (Abundance Coach)

“I just had a beautiful session with Arcadia from Earth Flow Shiatsu. She has such a soft yet powerful presence and I really felt her clear, loving attention to energetic details. My kidney and gallbladder meridians are open and free! 😛 I highly recommend this lovely lady to anyone interested in the unique experience of Shiatsu massage ❤️”
– Isabella Baring (Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner)

“Arcadia is a good friend of mine & has done this (emotional clearing) for me once in person & once via phone! Both times I felt cleansed, lighter & left with a clear mind, clear picture about what I wanted to manifest. She also helped me to let go of a lot of the things that hold me back, by bringing them to the surface, of which I have unconciously held onto for so long!
I highly recommend & at this price you’re crazy not to!! 💖💖💖”
– Millie Negro (Animal Lover, Wildlife Rescue Worker, Rockstar)

“I recently had a Shiatsu treatment (and mini-clearing session) with Arcadia and I found it to be very powerful. I was experiencing some menstrual issues and related emotional disturbances and found that the treatment really helped shift some energy and trapped emotions. The next day I awoke feeling very energised and dynamic – basically the opposite of how I’d been feeling and I have no doubt that Arcadia’s treatment helped with this. I love her energy and openness and I highly recommend her services!”
– Caroline (Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Enthusiast, Spiral Practitioner)

“I recently had a “manifestation clear” session with Arcadia and I love her style! We’ve never met in person (The session was on the phone) but I felt she was really grounded and tuning into me quite accurately. We worked on an issue around love that had been repeating throughout most of my adult romantic life and it was amazing to feel .. after the call .. how energetically different I felt and how I simply didn’t Match the same patterns of behaviour I have in the past. It was like I physically couldn’t accept something that in the past I would have said ok to. It left me feeling empowered and hopeful, where in the past I would have felt powerless and without choice to go for what I really want. Thanks Arcadia, I hope many more people get to experience you gifts xx”
– Amanda (Somatic Body-Worker, Writer, Artist, Mother)

“I had my first session with Arcadia this week on a day i was feeling pretty irritable and upset. Arcadia led me in a beautiful embodied clearing practice, and assisted me to do this for myself in the future, before we began the massage. Arcadia really tailored the treatment to what i needed and tied in a variety of small grounding techniques and offerings that book-ended it, and i loved that so much. She continually helped me to remember to breathe so as to get deeper and release more in the session.
At one point I had the sides of my body massaged while i was nestled into pillows to support my body and i felt like a baby being lulled so sleep. So relaxing, so beautiful! I left feeling really balanced; relaxed yet energised enough to go back to work calmly.
I loved the clearing and body work put together. Arcadia does a great job and weaving together varied elements to make the experience extra special. Go check her out!”
– Danielle (Clinical Psychologist)

“Arcadia created a beautiful ambiance and relaxing environment and I felt very peaceful in her knowing hands. I felt so calm and relaxed after my session, thank you Arcadia!”
– Kelly (Devoted Mother)

“After my shiatsu session with Arcadia I felt completely out of this World, my whole World was transformed, and I completely understood what the next steps I needed take in order to heal my body. After a few hours after the session I was back to my normal self and I have changed my whole life for the better!!! This Woman is a true healer and I have so much gratitude. Can not recommend this lady enough. A proper journey”
– Rhea (Fashionista, Creator, Free-Thinker)

“Arcadia is an amazing healer! She is polite, open, respectful, professional and dedicated. She genuinely wanted to help me and heal me! Thank you for the Earth Flow Session Arcadia! I cannot wait for my next one!”
– Leon (A good friend!)

“Thank you Arcadia Clover- I had the fantastic experience this week and am feeling the benefits of my first shiatsu massage.
Arcadia set a beautiful calming ambiance in my own home and delivered a positive healing experience to me and my partner. She was informative and very professional and so I truly recommend her services. Thank you Earth Flow Shiatsu!”
– Blake (Travel Agent)

“to be taken to a relaxed state when your feeling a little stressed is a blessing”
– Sally (Art Therapist, Designer, Teacher)

“Arcadia was very professional, polite, attentive and helped me find ‘peace’ that I hadn’t felt in some time. I strongly encourage you to give her a call and experience it.”
– James (Teacher)