Earth Flow Shiatsu

Sessions are available Melbourne, Australia, in the leafy surrounds of St. Kilda & Elwood.

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu brings your body into balance and relaxation. You are comfortably clothed, lay on a soft Japanese futon on the floor, as your body is gently pressed and stretched to bring your energy flow into harmony.

Shiatsu uses a holistic approach to diagnose and treat your body and mind; Physical, mental and emotional imbalances are treated simultaneously, leaving you feeling relaxed, clear and peaceful.


Traditional Zen Shiatsu, modern Emotional Clearing and Five Element techniques combine to create an empowering healing experience.

Your subconscious mind is accessed The Spiral Process to find emotional charge in your system. Sound and visualisation guidance allows you to clear this emotional residue. Shiatsu integrates the process, bringing your body into harmony and balance.

You will feel clear, cleansed, relaxed and peaceful.

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