A Love Letter to Man

Dear Men (and all that encompasses)

Thank you.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience with the women of the world. Even when you don’t understand us, you show so much dedication to the wild and wonderful thing we know as the feminine.

Thank you for the softness you show us, which is really just for us, because your tendencies are more for hardness and brashness. You soften for us, as you soften with us.

Thank you for your direction. The simple way you see the world, the way you solve problems and really solve them. Because I know that once you have used your mind to the extent you need to – no more, no less – the answer you find in the end is the powerful truth.

Thank you for the clarity you help me see, through the whimsical wish-wash of feelings, intuitions and emotions that swirl around and from the curves of my body.

Thank you for your calls for no bullshit when you know I need it and the way you see that sometimes I need the opposite. Thank you for sometimes, perhaps often, knowing exactly what I need when it eludes even myself.

Thank you for the way that you always seek to improve, to move forward, to achieve and to accomplish. And for encouraging the same from me.

Thank you for time and calendars, watches and diaries, computers and light bulbs. Thank you for your deep urge to provide for, care for and support the women of the world.

Thank you for the way in which you penetrate not only my mind but also my body. Thank you for the times you show patience, softness, gentleness, when all you really want is to push through and devour. Thank you for claiming me, proudly and openly.

Thank you for hurrying me along when I get distracted, thank you for patiently hearing my stories and gently encouraging me to stay on track. And thank you for all of the times that you let me finish, no matter how many tales I trail into.

Thank you for your consistency. Thank you for meaning the same thing each time you say the same words and forgiving me (and endeavouring to understand) me when I don’t play that way.

Thank you for the times when I feel so safe with you, that I’m already open to you, long before our physical bodies meet.

Thank you for that way you sometimes look at me, when I know I have your full presence and attention.

Thank you for knowing how to use calculators and rulers and technological devices. Thank you for knowing how to use my own buttons and knobs.

Thank you for the way that you want to open to me. The way you tell me how you feel. When you show me your vulnerability. When you share with me your deepest desires. When you tell me you love me. When you let me as deeply into you as I want to feel you in me. When you open your most precious heart.


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