Level 4 – Heart Chakra

Ahhhh sweet, lovely, precious HEART! There were a few rough weeks at the start of this journey and as soon as I leveled up I felt lighter. Everything seemed OK again. Peaceful.

There were new hurdles in my relationship, but I felt very accepting and peaceful while navigating my way through. Now we have come out the other side into an even more yummy and loving place together.

In Level 3 I set the task to give money to homeless people. I see them often where I live and it’s been quite confronting since I moved here. I started giving spare change to every homeless person who asked. Last week I bought $7 worth of dog food for a woman and I haven’t seen a homeless person since. Another shining example of the fact that we always attract just what we need to experience. Giving money away made me feel lighter, more open, less contracted. I felt myself move from Fear to Love.

In the spirit of my “givingness”, I gave $137 to Roger Hamilton, creator of Wealth Dynamics, to confirm that I am a Supporter. I felt such relief with this discovery. I had been getting so frustrated with my inability to create, even though I feel like I have so many good ideas in my mind! Now I feel more accepting of what I can and can’t do and more aware of where and when to use my energy.

This level has been about structure. I feel more capable of knowing where to direct my energy. I have said no to great opportunities because I have focus on my business: SINGULARITY. Focus on one thing, do it until it’s finished.  Having better structure and limitations ultimately means less opportunity, which can seem scary. However the opportunities that do present themselves when we have strong boundaries are on point – no time wasters! This has taken a lot of practice but I’m finally getting it. This quote from Mario Malik really struck me in the good bits:

“Blocking out time transformed my life – I don’t negotiate with my mind anymore.”

I had a breakthrough at a workshop with Clare Dea. I fully admitted to myself that I don’t actually want to start a business – I want to start a family! Saying this out loud felt scary and silly and in the time I thought it could have negative consequences on my business. But of course, as is always the way with honesty and truth, I feel free. I feel proud that I am making a business and I feel free because it is my decision to do so.


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