Level 1 – Base Chakra

I start off hopeful. I’m looking forward to this journey. I’m feeling positive.

Day 2, I journal around receptivity of money. How do I feel about charging for my services? I’ve done this before, it’s familiar, I think the answers are here. “Poor me has some unworthiness going on, I’ll just clear this out and everything will flow…” Money will fly at me.

I dream of money 4 nights in a row…

I end the week feeling selfish: self-entitled, self-righteous, self-centered. My thoughts have included “It’s perfectly ok for me to expect to make a stable income from doing no work.” and “I’ll read the Four Hour Work Week and everything will be easy.” And it’s not just around money. It’s MY WHOLE LIFE!

I fight myself on it. I do almost no work. I have plans for things and can’t make myself do anything. Each time I try to do something, my computer turns off, my internet cuts out, my phone dies, my computer turns off again, etc. etc.

Journal Excerpt – Level 1, Day 8:
“I don’t want to work hard. I don’t want to work at all really. I just want life to be easy. And today is work and I am resisting it. But the resistance is harder! It is making me feel sick! It is making me feel guilty! It is essentially making me feel like shit. And I can find so many worthy distractions, so easily…”

I sulk. I cry. I make excuses. I resist.

I achieve 3/4 of my tasks:
√ Journal
√ Qi Gong (giving & receiving energy)
√ Offer my services with set price to 5 people (I confirm my price: $60-$100 sliding scale and offer to 4 people)
X Talk to my parents about money

My Wealth Resonance is $1,000/month

Greedy  girl with pile of sweets
Greedy girl with pile of sweets laying on the table and with troubled expression on the face

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