I spent many years as a rebellious teenager. Living “in the moment” – and mostly hating it. Depressed, angry, fighting and resisting myself and life. My menstrual cycle was a mess – causing fluctuating emotions, energy and pain.

In 2012 my life changed drastically (can you relate?!) and continues to every year as uncover more of myself. I moved from the city to the rainforest, spent 3 months in India, trained with Qi Gong Masters in Tao Tantric Arts in Thailand (Tao Garden) and Bali, immersed myself in Traditional Chinese Medicine, earned a Diploma of Shiatsu, studied Reiki, moved back to the city and became a Spiral Practitioner.

Now, I live an embodied and full life. I am connected to Heaven and Earth, grounded and practical, intuitive and spiritual. I effortlessly follow the flow of my menstrual cycle and connect to the power of this gift.

I work one-on-one and in groups with people all across the globe, helping them to release emotional residue and step into their greatest power on a deeply embodied and integrated level. In 2018 my life’s experience accumulated into my creation of Moon Flow, a journey through the menstrual cycle for emotional freedom and flow.

I look forward to meeting you.
With love and Blessings,
Arcadia Clover